BOARD RESOLUTION AMENDMENT OF BYLAWS Lambda Democratic Club of Contra Costa County

WHEREAS, the Board of Directors of the Lambda Democrac Club of Contra Costa County, known herein as The Lambda Dems, deems it to be in the best interest of The Lambda Dems that the following acons be taken by the membership pursuant to this Resoluon;

BE IT RESOLVED that pursuant to Arcle XI of our Bylaws the undersigned Secretary of The Lambda Dems will send out these proposed amendments to our bylaws to our General Membership and communicate the Boards approval of these amendments to the bylaws and recommend the General Membership hereby consent to, approve, and adopt the following:

AMENDMENT OF BYLAWS: BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that Arcle XIII is hereby added in its enrety.

Arcle XIII Club Representave

XIII.1. Under the club’s charter with the Democrac Central Commiee of Contra Costa County (DPCCC), an elected member and the member’s alternate can become vong delegates to the DPCCC according to this Arcle.

XIII.2. Club representaves to the CDP and the DPCCC – and all other official representaves, delegates and alternates from the Lambda Dems to conferences, caucuses, councils, convenons, and other meengs – shall be selected by a vote of the members in Good Standing. The vong member and alternate to the DPCCC must not already be a vong member of the DPCCC or willing to relinquish their current vong status upon accepng the Club vong member status. The vong members and alternate must be acceptable to the requirements of the DPCCC and will be responsible for subming the Vong Representaves Applicaon to the DPCCC for their approval. The vong member and applicant will serve at the pleasure of the Board and the Club and their term in office will connue for the remainder of the club’s charter or unl replaced by the Club.

XIII.3. Club representaves described in this Arcle, when parcipang in vong and discussion in that capacity, shall adhere to and represent the Club’s official posion wherever applicable, and shall agree to do so prior to their selecon. The vong representave will be encouraged to develop an electronic process to communicate the DPCCC agenda to our club members and shall seek out their opinion whenever possible to guide them when parcipang in vong and discussion.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that all other provisions of the Bylaws as adopted shall remain in effect and the foregoing amendments shall be incorporated into the standing Bylaws of the Lambda Dems upon passing by the membership.

PASSED AND ADOPTED this the 8th day of September, 2018, by unanimous vote of the Board of Directors of the Lambda Dems.

Certified by the Lambda Dems Club Secretary Jack Rednour-Bruckman